JR Dance offers an extensive range of dance classes for all from tiny tots to adults.


Throw on some tights and point those toes.
Ballet as most of us know it is a highly technical
dance usually performed to classical music,
though many ballet schools are branching
out into more modern music. It is one of the most
graceful and delicate styles of dance, often
choreographed to include miming or acting.
Ballet will help you to develop mind and
body coordination, train your ear for rhythm
and improve your posture.


Throw away the rule book and get ready to
express yourself. Modern dance rejects the
structured discipline of ballet, and focuses
instead on devising new movements and steps,
making it perfect for those who like to rebel
against tradition. Great for giving the whole
body a thorough workout, this dance also allows
you to unleash your creative side, meaning that
you get to exercise your imagination as
well as your body.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive
dance that combines elements of several dance
genres including modern, jazz ,lyrical and
classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to
connect the mind and the body through fluid
dance movements. Contemporary dance stresses
versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict,
structured nature of ballet. Contemporary
dancers focus on floor-work, using gravity to
pull them down to the floor.

Hip Hop.

Hip hop is a dance style, usually danced to
hip hop music, that evolved from the hip
hop culture. The first dance associated with
hip hop was breakdancing. While
breakdancing consists primarily of moves
executed close to the ground, the majority
of hip hop moves are done standing up.
Funky style of dance widely seen in music
videos. Hip Hop is fun, energetic
and good exercise.


Class consists primarily of floor tumbling
in addition to stretching and conditioning
exercises to increase flexibility and strength.
Students will increase flexibility, muscle
control and fluidity of movement to create
unique poses and tumbling skills. Tumble
class provides students with all the floor
tricks that are appropriate to be
incorporated in their dance routines.


Jazz dancing can be energetic and enjoyable
with a variety of moves, steps, leaps and
quick turns. For those wanting to be top of
the class, you will need a strong background
in ballet as it encourages grace and balance.

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